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Sell more software

This is a ~8 minute introduction for a 45 minute in-depth walkthrough about redesigning the first-run experience of your software to increase conversions and user happiness. Give me (Patrick McKenzie -- patio11) your email and get the rest of it, totally free. (This advice has lead to 20%~100% increases in sales at 3 companies, and normally I charge five figures for it.)

Where is the full video?

You can see it right after you confirm your email address. I'll periodically send you other stuff you'll be interested in.

What's this email list?

Blog posts. HN comments. Focused, actionable tactics and strategic insight on how to make your startup/software business better. It's the happy middle option between paying my consulting rate (five figures a week) and trying to plod through everything I've ever written and guess whether a snippet of SEO advice on a comment in 2008 is still a good idea.

It's new material and you won't get it elsewhere. Some of it is free, and some will be priced appropriately to value.

Video? Audio? Text?

This video: It plays on essentially every device. You can download the .MOV file. MP3 audio + transcript.

In general: Whatever formats are appropriate to what I want to teach.

Why Get This?

I promise to not waste your time. Why should you believe me? Hopefully because you've been following me for the last six years and you know that I know what I'm talking about. Specifically, I'll be giving you:

  • Actionable tactics that actually work, like specific implementation details for product tours.
  • Real results to help you prioritize what to start working on right now.
  • SEO & AdWords advice that brought me hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of customers
  • Years shaved off your learning curve. The runway is short enough already, don't waste it learning Marketing 101 by failing forward like I did.
  • Trustworthy advice, because I value your esteem a heck of a lot more than I want your money.
  • Training that smart companies pay serious money for. Fog Creek, Matasano, and WPEngine hire me to consult for them on this. Google has brought me in to tell their engineers about online marketing.

Sound interesting? Sign up here, totally free.